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Dr Shagun Aggarwal

Dr Shagun Aggarwal

BSc (Med), MBBS (Hons1), MS, FRACS (Plast)


  • Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery


Other Languages

  • Hindi


Dr Shagun Aggarwal is a specialist plastic surgeon specialising in cosmetic surgery, breast reconstruction (free flaps including DIEP, and implant reconstruction), hand surgery and skin cancer. Dr Aggarwal completed his medical degree at UNSW, where he received prizes for anatomy, practical anatomy and pharmacology. After 1 year of accredited general surgery training, Dr Aggarwal completed 5 years of plastic surgery training under the auspices of RACS resulting the award of FRACS (Plast). Dr Aggarwal also completed a Master of Surgery through USYD receiving the John Lowenthal Medal. During training Dr Aggarwal was awarded the Gordon Gordon-Taylor medal for first place in the surgical primary exams.

After completing training Dr Aggarwal completed two competitive subspecialty fellowships in Canada and USA. He specialised in Breast Reconstruction and Cosmetic Surgery at the University of Toronto. Subsequently at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr Aggarwal specialised in Microsurgery with world leaders in free flap breast reconstruction (Dr Joe Serletti & Dr Liza Wu), and limb reconstruction (Dr Scott Levin), and performed over 220 microsurgical cases as primary operator.

Dr Aggarwal is a specialist plastic surgeon at the San and at two of Sydney's most prestigious public hospital campuses - Prince of Wales and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. At all his hospital appointments he is part of the Breast Cancer MDT, is one of the key surgeons involved in Breast Reconstruction (with a special interest in autologous/DIEP flaps), and is involved in the training of future plastic surgeons. His main practice is located in Gordon.


Dr Aggarwal has research interests in the field of breast reconstruction, and aesthetic surgery, and he continues to collaborate with colleagues locally, and mentors from North America. He has published a CME on Secondary Breast Augmentation in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the premier journal for educating plastic surgeons worldwide. More recently he has published articles on Staging of SCC of the lip, Fat Grafting in Breast Surgery, and fascial closure in free flap breast reconstruction contributing to DVT risk.


  • Sydney Adventist Hospital
  • San Day Surgery Hornsby