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How we support our doctors

We offer our doctors a variety of services and opportunities relating to clinical practice, operating theatres, increasing your profile amongst our GP community, conducting research and teaching within the San.

Our range of services and opportunities for specialists accredited to work with us

  • Private consulting space on site
  • Access to comprehensive onsite services
  • Access to state-of-the-art diagnostic, surgical and procedural technology including robotics
  • 24 hour / 7 day Emergency Care Department
  • Access to IT systems designed to provide doctors with real-time data on and off site
  • Access to education and teaching opportunities through the SAH Clinical School (onsite at SAH)
  • Registrar positions across a variety of specialties
  • Access to research opportunities including the Australasian Research Institute and the Clinical Trials Unit (onsite at SAH)
  • Dedicated Doctor’s lounge
  • Opportunities to contribute to the San Doctor publication
  • Opportunities to be involved in regular RACGP accredited GP education events held at SAH
  • Profiling through the ‘Find a Doctor’ section on this website and the ‘AHCL Specialist Directory’ distributed regularly to over 2,000 GPs in the SAH catchment area
  • Profiling through SAH newsletters, publications and media
  • Volunteer opportunities through the hospital’s award-winning Open Heart International healthcare outreach program

Operating theatres

Our spacious theatres are fully equipped to accommodate all specialties and feature state-of-the-art air filtration, audio visual and information systems. A large multi-purpose lounge area accommodates the varying needs of staff and surgeons.

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If you are interested in expanding your operating theatre sessions and/or hours please contact:

Cathie Murphy
Director Perioperative Services

Mobile: 0421 312 671

Julian Kueh
Theatre Manager

Phone: 02 9480 4599
Mobile: 0418 638 603

Teaching & research opportunities

The San has an ongoing commitment to the education and training of healthcare professionals – and as a teaching hospital, we also invest heavily in medical research through affiliations with major tertiary education institutions. Our strong academic partnership with Australian National University gives accredited medical officers ongoing opportunities to be involved in research and teaching activities across all disciplines.