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Dr James Forbes

Dr James Forbes



  • Anaesthesia
  • Pain Medicine


  • Northern Beaches Pain Management

    Phone: 9030 4610


Dr James Forbes has a dual fellowship in Pain medicine and Anaesthesia. He completed medical training at the University of Bristol, and early resident years in the UK before migrating to Australia. Since being in Australia, he has since gained his anaesthetic fellowship in 2018, and subsequently pain fellowship in 2021. He has been diligent to maintain practice in both specialities as they both complement each other.
He endeavors in providing a high standard of evidence based, peer reviewed medical care for all patients. Pain management requires a multidisciplinary approach, with the best outcomes requiring attention, not just to the disease process or injury but also the psychological and social aspects of the patient. Dr Forbes also strives for excellent communication with both patents and other medical practitioners, and
He is trained in interventional pain management techniques such as nerve blocks, pulsed radiofrequency, radiofrequency neurotomy and neuromodulation including spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulation. He is also fully recognised and endorsed by the faculty of pain medicine for procedural intervention.
He has a particular interest in neurostimulation, helping people with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), neuropathic pain, persistent post-surgical pain, persistent musculoskeletal and back pain. Dr. Forbes consults at Northern Beaches Pain Management at Northern Beaches Hospital and various other sites across northern beaches in Sydney, NSW.


  • Sydney Adventist Hospital