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Dr Jagdev Singh



  • Paediatric Respiratory & Sleep Medicine


  • Childrens Health Hub

    24 Mons Road


    Phone: 133 482


Dr Jagdev Singh (or better known as Dr Dev) is a paediatric respiratory and sleep consultant at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. He has spent 15 years treating and caring for children in various fields in paediatrics which includes infants (neonatology), critical medicine, endocrine, retrieval medicine, general paediatrics, rural paediatrics and developmental paediatrics in different parts of Australia and Malaysia before finding his true calling in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine.

Dr Dev is a researcher and a clinical lecturer with the University of Sydney, and has delivered various talks and teaching sessions for paediatricians and trainees in the field of respiratory and sleep medicine. He has won numerous awards that include teaching awards and recently, a research award in an international conference.

Conditions that Dr Dev specialises in include Asthma or wheeze, Long-standing or recurrent cough, recurrent lung infections, Bronchiectasis (a condition where the lungs airways become damaged), noisy breathing during infancy or childhood, snoring leading to tiredness during the day or a lack of concentration at school, premature infants with ongoing lung issues such as a need for long term oxygen (chronic lung disease), and children born with abnormalities of the lungs or within their airways.


  • Sydney Adventist Hospital