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Dr Christopher Rogan

Dr Christopher Rogan

MBBS (Hons1), BSc (Med), FRANZCR, EBIR


  • Interventional Radiology



Dr Christopher Rogan graduated in medicine from the University of NSW with first class honours in 2002. He was a neurosurgical registrar for two years and completed basic surgical training. Dr Rogan then trained in radiology at RPAH with a senior registrar year in intervention. Dr Rogan then went to London to attain a fellowship in Interventional Radiology at Imperial College in London (St Mary's & Hammersmith hospital). He is currently a staff specialist at RPAH with a focus on interventional oncology angioplasty and stenting.


Dr Christopher Rogan is currently an investigator in a clinical trial to asses the safety & efficiency of Intra-aterial liver isolation chemotherapy using an Implantable Vascular Access system. He is also in the process of establishing a trial of intra-aterial chemotherapy for pancreatic cancers. He has published on syringomyelia and percutanueas embolisation of aneurysm in the past.


  • Sydney Adventist Hospital