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Your meals

Your Meals 

Our food service and dietary staff specialise in planning and preparing meals that are healthy and delicious. We believe you will enjoy and benefit from the predominantly vegetarian menu, which offers a variety of vegetarian dishes, fruits, vegetables, and wholegrain breads and cereals. We have also included a selection of meat dishes to meet individual preferences.


Your choice

We understand that, wherever possible, you would prefer to choose your own meals throughout your stay at the San. Therefore, following approval from your medical team, one of our dietary staff members will visit you to take your menu selections using our computerised menu management system. This means that:

  • Your menu selections are personally designed to meet your dietary needs
  • If you have food allergies or intolerances, you will only receive foods that are appropriate
  • Your menu selections will be remembered if you are admitted to the San in the future
  • You will have face-to-face contact with our dietary staff, who can answer any of your questions regarding your meals
  • Our menu remains extensive, giving you varied options each day

If you have special dietary requirements or your doctor orders a modified diet for you, our dietitians will be able to assist you in planning your meals upon request. You can learn more about the San Menu and also download our most popular vegetarian recipes.

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You are also able to order a guest meal tray for visitors and should speak to your nurse. The cost will be charged to your account and can be finalised when you are discharged. Your visitors may also like to use the other dining facilities at the San, such as San Café, Relish Café or Tulip Shi.

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