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Patient information

Our team of highly skilled doctors and nurses, radiographers, physiotherapists plus many other health professionals, are all here to care for patients in a way that is unique to Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Pre-admission paperwork

Before you come to the San, you’ll need to complete some forms which gives us all the information we’ll need throughout your stay. Please do this online as soon as possible after your doctor confirms your admission, and if you have issues doing this online just get in touch.

Complete your admission paperwork 

Your stay

While you’ll generally be admitted to hospital on the morning of your surgery, you may require pre-operative investigations, which will be done beforehand.  Patients may be asked to attend our pre-admission clinic (PAC) for pre-operative tests and to meet with staff involved in your care as required. Any specific requirements (like fasting) will be explained to you, and your Pre-admission Booklet contains everything you need to know about accessing the hospital including our location, parking, public transport options and more.

Before your admission & stay

Please avoid using any creams or powders before surgery – and if you use a walking aid, be sure to bring it with you (and label it with your name). At the San you can find a number of handy services on-site, including several eateries, a pharmacy, a gift shop, a book centre, a florist and a hairdresser.

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Visiting Hours

Visiting Hours at Sydney Adventist Hospital are 10am - 8pm daily. We believe that family and friends are important to patient recovery. Should you require, visiting outside of these hours may be arranged with the nursing staff following admission.

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