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State-of-the-art Urology Facilities, Technology & Innovation

The San is known as a leader in the private health care industry and is constantly looking to ensure that it is at the forefront of new technology and innovative surgical techniques. We are well recognised for our innovative approach to urological services. The Hospital’s years of experience, together with the first-class reputation of our surgeons, staff, facilities, and technologies attract thousands of patients each year.

The San offers the latest in prostate diagnosis and treatment. Our leading-edge diagnostic services include world class equipment for accurate prostate diagnosis, and our highly skilled urologists specialise in the most up-to-date medical and surgical treatments - and they have our state of the art facilities and caring staff to support them.

The Hospital was the first bring a series of technologies to NSW for the treatment of Prostate disease & continues to remain on the forefront.  In consultation with your specialist, our patients have the option to use a range of treatments including high Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), a non-invasive alternative in the treatment of prostate cancer, as well as traditional and robotic surgery.