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Research at Adventist HealthCare

Research Themes

Living with cancer

How can we best help our patients and community to live with a cancer diagnosis?
We are researching a range of approaches from therapies (clinical trials, oncology, chemotherapy and radiotherapy) to lifestyle factors (diet, exercise, supplements) and more.

Healthy living

How can we promote and assist all persons - from birth right through the life span - to live their most healthy life?
We provide treatments for acute diseases and conditions, we assist those living with chronic conditions such as heart conditions, dementia or mental health challenges to do so healthily, and we focus on how to keep our general community healthy through prevention, lifestyle modifications, exercise and healthy eating.

Optimising health services

How we can improve the delivery of care to our AHCL patients, their families and our local community?
We are investigating ways to increase patient satisfaction, improve the quality of services, and the breadth of health services and specific treatments offered that may not be available elsewhere.