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Research at Adventist HealthCare

Research Office

The Research Office delivers support services for researchers from early career onward with functions spanning human ethics and research governance applications, policy and reporting. We provide guidance on the design of projects, the most appropriate research approval pathways, internal funding and award applications, and assist our researchers in a very approachable way to get their research ideas off the ground.

If you are intending to conduct research at Sydney Adventist Hospital or San Day Surgery Hornsby, we have provided information here that will help you during the process. If you still have questions our team are always happy to assist you, so please contact us.

How we can assist researchers

Ethical review of research proposals

Adventist HealthCare is committed to the highest ethical standards in research and upholds the rights and interests of participants. All research with or about people, or their data or tissue must undergo ethical review prior to commencement.

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Site specific governance review of research proposals

The Research Office reviews and approves research projects to be conducted at an Adventist HealthCare Limited facility including Sydney Adventist Hospital, San Day Surgery Hornsby, San Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, SAH Pharmacy and the Australasian Research Institute. We also review studies to be conducted at facilities on our campus including ICON Cancer Centre, Northern Haematology & Oncology Group (NHOG), Australian Clinical Trials and San Ultrasound for Women if AHCL staff or AMOs are involved.

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Researchers responsibilities following approval

The Principal Investigator needs to comply with a range of reporting obligations in order to maintain ethical and site specific governance approval.  

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Quality improvement projects

Quality improvement projects are distinct from research projects in that their aim is to improve an existing process, established intervention or procedure at an AHCL facility, rather than to create new generalised knowledge.

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Case studies or series

If you want to publish a case study or series containing detailed information about the individual patients that were given a particular treatment, you will need to apply for ethical approval for a case study / series.

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Authorised Prescriber

An accredited medical officer engaged in clinical practice within Adventist HealthCare Limited will only prescribe unapproved therapeutic goods under section 19(5) of the Therapeutic Goods Act to patients under their care, after receiving endorsement as an Authorised Prescriber, from the Ethics Committee.

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There are numerous other ways in which we can help, including outlining your responsibilities after your research is approved, site specific authorisation, QI projects and providing case studies. Please contact the Research Office for more information if required.