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Research at Adventist HealthCare

Contact the Research Office

Resources for you

If you are intending to conduct research at any AHCL facility, we have provided downloadable resources to help you during this process. If you still have questions, our team are always happy to assist you.

Contact Details

The Research Office is staffed Monday to Wednesday and can be contacted by:
Phone: +61 2 9480 9604

Level 4 Clifford Tower
Administration Corridor, Room 12
185 Fox Valley Road

Our team

Daniela von Hieber
Manager, Research Ethics & Governance
HREC Executive Officer

Shari Emerton
Research Officer, Research Ethics & Governance
HREC Recording Secretary

Merissa Barden
Research Administrative Assistant

Complaints or Concerns

If you have concerns about the ethical conduct of research, please see our complaints guidance information here.
If you have general concerns regarding the conduct of research at Sydney Adventist Hospital or San Day Surgery Hornsby, please contact our team.