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San Pathology (Douglass Hanly Moir)

San Pathology, a subsidiary of Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology, provides routine and specialist pathology testing to support specialists and doctors throughout the hospital and community. San Pathology has collection centres serving the community in Wahroonga and north of Sydney in Morisset and Bonnells Bay.

Our Service

The Sydney Adventist Hospital Pathology Laboratories - 'San Pathology' - was established in 1898. The laboratory has met the needs of Hospital patients and people within our community ever since. The experience and depth of care that comes with being associated with a large, acute care surgical hospital provides peace of mind for both our patients and the doctors utilising our diagnostic and interventional facilities.

Our laboratory is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) to ISO 15189:2013. San Pathology has been accredited by NATA longer than any other medical laboratory in Australia. It is also registered under the accreditation scheme of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia. Our Pathologists work in close consultation with referring doctors and provide additional clinical information as required. They can be contacted every day, as well as out-of-hours in urgent cases. Our highly trained and dedicated team includes pathologists, scientific and technical staff, as well as blood collectors, office staff and couriers.

Collection Centres & Home Collection Service

San Pathology operates a number of collection centres in Wahroonga and in the Morisset area, as well as a home collection service for ill or non-ambulatory patients and aged care facility residents. Please call 02 9855 5327 for home collection enquiries and bookings.

Contact Information

Main Laboratory
Level 5, Sydney Adventist Hospital, 185 Fox Valley Road Wahroonga 2076
Normal Hours: Monday to Friday, 8.00am - 6.00pm
Urgent collections only out of normal business hours.

Phone: 02 9480 9500
Fax: 02 9480 9535

Our team

Our highly trained, dedicated staff includes pathologists, medical scientists and technicians, as well as blood collectors, couriers and office staff.

Our team of pathologists includes:

  • Dr King Tan BSc(Med) MBBS(Hons) FRCPA, is San Pathology Medical Director and a consultant specialist in surgical pathology with special interests in lymphoma, gynaecological pathology and neuropathology
  • Dr Benjamin Armstrong BBiomedSc MBBS MPH FRCPA MAIMS, is a consultant specialist microbiologist who supervisors the microbiology lab
  • Dr Eva Fong MBBS FRCPA, specialises in surgical pathology with a special interest in general surgery and non-gynaecological cytology
  • Dr Monica Peduto MBBS (Hons) FRCPA, specialises in surgical pathology with a special interest in dermatopathology and gastroenterology
  • Dr Jennifer Posen MBBS FRCPA FRACP, a consultant specialist haematologist, also supervises the haematology laboratory and the Blood Bank
  • Dr Banumathy Banuthevan MBBS (Hons) MD FRCPA, specialises in surgical pathology
  • Dr Kim Tran MBBS FRCPA, specialises in surgical pathology with a special interest in dermatopathology
  • Dr Tuuli Stephens MD(Oslo) FRCPA, specialises in haematology


Pathology is the study of the nature and cause of disease, which involves changes in structure and function of body tissues. San Pathology provides both routine and specialised tests, including:

  • Blood Banking
  • Clinical Biochemistry, which offers a comprehensive test menu
  • Haematology and Therapeutic Venesection
  • Histopathology and Cytology reported by senior specialist pathologists
  • Immunoassay, for reliable hormone analysis with same day turn-a-round of results
  • Microbiology, proud of its reputation for thorough investigations
  • Serology with same day turn-a-round of results including HIV

For all ultrasound and CT guided biopsies at the Sydney Adventist Hospital, a histopathologist is present to instantly confirm biopsy sample adequacy before the patient is released.

Appointments are not necessary except for Glucose Tolerance Tests (GTT).

Electrocardiograms (ECGs) are available at all collection centres except Wahroonga Specialist Centre. 24-hour Holter and Blood Pressure monitoring are also available at a number of our collection centres. Both tests may be booked through the San Clinic and Morisset collection centres.

A comprehensive source of information to help you understand your pathology tests can be found at