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Palliative Care

At Sydney Adventist Hospital we are committed to providing passionate, caring and appropriate palliative and integrative care support for our patients.

Integrative and Palliative Care Medicine provides relief from pain and discomfort regardless of whether patients are receiving active treatment for an incurable illness or disease, or not. Cancer is not the only life-limiting illness; many other medical conditions remain incurable despite advances in modern medicine. While the primary goal of medicine is to cure or control disease, it is also our priority to focus attention and resources on issues such as pain and other symptom relief – conditions directly related to a patient’s quality of life before, during and after treatment. Symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, constipation, itch, fatigue, poor mobility/function and mental health. This focus of care can be offered both in hospital and in a community setting.


Inpatient Palliative / Integrative Care

Palliative Medicine specialists at the San work closely with a range of other specialists involved in the care of patients with cancer, and other life limiting medical conditions, to address the difficulties and challenges associated with any serious illness and alleviate their pain and suffering. These can include oncologists, surgeons, physicians and allied health teams. We understand the difficult nature of these diseases and your individual and personal experience along the way, and we are well equipped to alleviate these with the world class therapies available both at our facilities and in a community setting.

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