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Ensuring your child is happy and healthy is one of your most important responsibilities, and ours as well. Sydney Adventist Hospital offers a full spectrum of paediatric services to support your family including:

Emergency Care

Available round the clock 365 days a year, Sydney Adventist Hospital's Emergency Care Department is there to help when you may need us most. With more than 15% of the over 20,000 patients visiting our emergency care service annually being children, our Specialist Emergency Care Doctors and Nurses are caring and very experienced in treating childhood injuries and illnesses.

The San’s Children’s Ward

Sydney Adventist Hospital's Children's Ward provides families with a warm, caring environment in which children receive the very best of care.  Whether being treated for a medical illness or recovering after surgery children are cared for by expert Paediatric Specialists and skilled Paediatric Nurses.  

Paediatric surgery specialists routinely perform a range of day and overnight procedures.  Day stay procedures include minor surgical procedures such as tonsils/adenoids, grommets, hernias and circumcisions.  These children are cared for with parents at their side and discharged when they have fully recovered from anaesthesia.  Overnight procedures may include fracture surgery, appendectomy and orthopaedic surgery. 

In addition to paediatric surgery SAH offers a range paediatric medical services which include emergency admissions for upper respiratory, convulsions, wound infections and gastrointestinal illnesses.

Experienced Paediatric Specialists

Experienced Paediatricians and a wide range of doctors with specific interests and expertise in Paediatric conditions are accredited at the San – many are recognised experts in their field.

Fox Valley Medical & Dental Centre

Fox Valley Medical & Dental Centre is a comprehensive family practice with experienced male and female General Practitioners available 5 ½ days a week offering an extensive range of family healthcare services on site including childhood immunisations.

Sleep Studies

The San Children’s Sleep Disorders Unit is the only dedicated, private children's sleep disorders unit in Australia and is available to patients from birth until school-leaving age.  All paediatric sleep disorders are comprehensively covered by this service. 

Diagnostic & Wellness Services

Sydney Adventist Hospital provides convenient on site diagnostic and wellness services such as San Pathology, San Radiology, San Physiotherapy and others to support your child’s needs. When visiting the San with your child for GP, Specialist or Emergency care the convenient location and expertise of these support services can minimise the stress and time required to attend to your child’s medical needs.