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Staff Bedpan Relay 2024

Sydney Adventist Hospital’s front lawn hosted the annual battle for the Golden Bedpan earlier this week.  

The bedpan relay event sees departments from across the hospital team up in groups of eight for the ultimate test of fitness and coordination.  

The concept is simple...participants must cart a waterfilled bedpan from one end of the track to the other where they fill a container before swapping with their teammates. The first team to fill their container wins! 

Reigning champions the Therobandits were back in force to defend their title, confident they had what it took to claim back-to-back wins.  

Determined to go one better than second place in 2023, the Stethoscope strikers brought their big game on the day. In the first heat, they could not be touched, winning comfortably.  

While in the second heat, there were more than enough members of the Perioperative Runners to field two teams. 

The Periop Runners proved they had what it took to take out the heat and make it through to the final.  

It was a close race for honours but the Periop Runners were too strong exhibiting superior bedpan handling skills – to take out the 2024 event.