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San staff support National Day of Action, R U OK? Day

Sydney Adventist Hospital’s wardsmen and work health and safety team were wearing a splash of yellow, in support of R U OK? Day.  

Held annually, R U OK? Day is a National Day of Action, which encourages each of us to have conversations which may help others through challenging times in their lives. 

This year R U OK? Is calling on everyone, to let the people we care about really know that you’re here to really hear them. 

When we ask someone ‘are you OK?’ and are genuinely open to talking to them about how they’re feeling and what’s going on in their life, we can help someone who might be struggling to feel connected and supported long before they’re in crisis.

By taking the time to check in and have an R U OK? Conversation, and by remaining non-judgemental and open minded, we can all play a role in creating psychologically safe spaces where the people in our community feel heard, supported and connected.

At the San, we are taking the opportunity to ask each other and ourselves R U OK? and ensuring we truly listen to those around us. It's okay to not be okay all of the time, and it’s normal to have ups and downs in life, but it is important to be alert, be open to conversation and recognise when to give yourself and others a chance to rest and recharge.

R U OK? Day