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Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month: Spotlight

Gynaecological Cancer Patient Navigator Saskia HymanAt the San, our patient navigators are dedicated to working with patients through diagnosis, treatment and beyond. 

In September, we recognise Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, and we sat down to talk to Saskia Hyman, our Gynaecological Cancer Patient Navigator to talk about the role she plays in patients lives. 

A registered nurse, Saskia has always had a passion for oncology. She worked as a prostate cancer patient navigator for over a year before transferring into her current position in May this year. 

“I wanted to become a Gynaecological cancer patient navigator to ensure that women experiencing these cancers are not alone, feel heard and advocated for. I feel privileged to be in this role, and to be there for women and their families during one of the most challenging times in their lives,” she said. 

Her role is to work with women with Gynaecological cancers to provide support, nursing advice, and information as well as emotional support. 

“Gynaecological cancer diagnosis can be very distressing, and it is our role to be the pillar of support for these women,” she said.

“I am inspired by the resilience and strength of the patients and their families each day. I get excited to be able to offer and recommend so many wonderful services from our Cancer Support Centre, of which many are free of charge and enhance our patient’s quality of life.”

Saskia is part of a team of highly skilled experts including doctors and nurses who oversee a patient’s treatment. 

“The collaboration with the multidisciplinary team is vital for good patient outcomes, and improved quality of life. It makes the overwhelming patient journey a bit easier.” 

While Saskia admits at times you have to go with the flow due to evolving challenges, she has found she thrives on the teamwork and opportunities that arise from the relationships she has built with her colleagues and patients.  

“At the San I have learnt that innovation is well received, and that passion is encouraged. There is a special and rare feeling of kindness and care that lives within the walls of the San and those that walk the halls. There is an “Above and Beyond” culture, and I would highly recommend the hospital to my own family and friends. I feel so grateful to work here, within such a wonderful team.”