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San Orthopaedics

Services & Procedures

At San Orthopaedics, our goal is to provide the best possible care, taking a personalised, holistic approach. We see every patient as unique, and work hard to deliver outcomes that improve quality of life for good. With the most advanced technology at our fingertips, our expert team takes pride in helping people return to lives where they can do the things they love, free of discomfort and pain.

Care tailored to optimise patient recovery

Our highly regarded orthopaedic service covers a broad range of treatments, from simple day procedures to complex joint reconstructions and replacements. With extensive experience, 24 x 7 emergency care, expert surgeons, staff and medical care and allied health services, it is our goal to deliver premium orthopaedic care and achieve the best outcomes, helping our patients return to pain-free, functional lives.

Orthopaedic services

Our San specialists are accredited to provide various orthopaedic surgeries in sub-specialty areas. 
These include:

  • Hip and knee
  • Foot and ankle
  • Shoulder
  • Hand, wrist and nerve
  • Spine
  • Trauma / fractures
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Femoral head donation program

For patients having hip surgery, your surgeon may speak to you regarding participation in the femoral head donation program. Sydney Adventist Hospital is pleased to have helped over 100 patients through its donations during 2017.  These femoral heads are needed for revision or primary surgery where a bone deficit needs to be filled or a bone graft required. The San is pleased to have the services, staff and skills required to process, document, collect, store and transfer these much-needed tissues to the Australian Tissue Donation Network.