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San Heart - Cardiac Health

Facilities & Technology

San Heart leads the way in cardiac care for good reason. Along with our world-class team, we also have some of the most cutting-edge equipment and facilities available in Australia. Whether you’re trying to get a clear picture of your diagnosis, or wanting to ensure a top-quality surgical experience, San Heart is a good place to be.

Intensive care & coronary care

San Heart’s intensive care unit (ICU) is a multi-disciplinary, 30-bed facility, staffed by qualified intensive care specialists and registrars. The ICU operates 24/7, and maintains a nurse-to-patient ratio of at least 1:2. Cardiothoracic surgery is a major focus in the ICU, and San Heart also has a dedicated coronary care unit (CCU) for patients in recovery.

Cardiovascular operating theatres

Across our 24 operating theatres, San Heart has some of the world’s most advanced technology – including the latest Philips Azurion flexible imaging equipment, which we utilise in our hybrid theatre. For cardiac patients, the hybrid theatre is especially relevant, as this is where our minimally invasive and image-guided surgeries are carried out. It’s also set up to accommodate patients who need different types of surgery in a single procedure, making the process far more efficient.

Cardiac catheterisation laboratory

San Heart’s three cardiac catheterisation laboratories (CCL) are designed to help our team diagnose and treat heart conditions via minimally invasive techniques. These include investigations (such as coronary angiography) and interventional procedures (such as stent or pacemaker insertions).


San Radiology has been a leader in diagnostic imaging services for decades, and now performs more than 90,000 examinations a year. Staffed by highly experienced radiologists, radiographers, sonographers, nurses, administration and support staff, San Radiology strives to stay at the forefront of technology and boasts a comprehensive suite of "new generation" imaging equipment. This includes Siemens FORCE CT scanner that produces the highest quality cardiac images with a drastically lower dose of radiation.

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San Heart’s cardiac rehabilitation team is dedicated to getting you back on your feet after surgery or illness – and also reducing your risk of any future cardiovascular events. We run a range of inpatient and outpatient programs to help you get back on your feet and maintain a healthy lifestyle, covering everything from education to exercise. Programs are run by specialists including exercise physiologists and registered cardiac nurses, and they’re tailored to your individual needs. To find out more about our rehab program, please get in touch.

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