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San Heart - Cardiac Health


Supporting cardiothoracic health

In Australia, thousands of people are affected by cardiovascular diseases every year, and finding the right hospital is fundamental. At San Heart, we’re proud to have an exceptional track record in treating heart, lung and vascular related issues, performing more than 3,700 cardiovascular surgeries each year. Whether you require a trusty pacemaker or complex open-heart surgery, you’re in good hands with our expert team.


San Heart has built a comprehensive team of cardiologists, interventional cardiologists, surgeons, therapists and other staff, all dedicated to heart health. Together, they are capable of treating a broad range of heart conditions, handling everything from diagnostics and minimally invasive procedures to major surgery.

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San Heart offers a number of services for cardiac patients who are either recovering at home, or don’t need to be admitted to hospital. Our outpatient services include rehabilitation, radiology, and our Syncope Blackouts & Faints clinics – all of which give you access to our highly skilled team and advanced technology.

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