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San Heart - Cardiac Health

Information for GPs

At San Heart, we appreciate the vital role that General Practitioners (GPs) play in a patient’s care. We know that by working closely with GPs, we can get better outcomes for our patients, and make the experience smoother for everyone involved.

Referring patients to San Heart

If you’d like one of your patients to see a San Heart cardiovascular specialist, we welcome your referral. You can view all our specialists using our Find a Doctor search facility, or download a full directory as a PDF. Of course, if your patient needs urgent attention, please direct them to our Emergency Department.

Find a cardiac specialist

Download AHCL’s specialist directory

Meet our GP Liaisons

The San has a dedicated GP Liaison team – and they’re here to provide all the information you need about our services, clinicians, and GP education programs. Essentially, whatever question you may have, they’re the ones to contact.

Linda Abbott
GP Liaison
P: 0409 925 335

Mitch Hill
GP Liaison
P: 0418 287 024

You can also email the team at

Keeping GPs in the loop

If one of your patients comes to San Heart, you’ll be sent electronic notifications about their admission and discharge. Often patients are told to see their GP shortly after they leave hospital, and we aim to ensure you have the relevant information for whatever follow-up is required. If you have any questions about a patient’s information, you are welcome to contact their specialist at any time.

Education, events & e-news

The San (of which San Heart is a part) provides a range of educational events for GPs, including several RACGP accredited Category 2 Medical Updates for GPs. We also produce a special GP newsletter called San Doctor, in which we share insights and information from our specialists, including those focused on cardiovascular health.

GP events

Read the latest San Doctor

Important contact numbers

Cardiac catheterisation laboratory: (02) 9480 9130
Intensive care unit: (02) 9480 4760
Coronary care unit: (02) 9480 9677
Cardiac ward: (02) 9480 9953
Cardiac rehabilitation: (02) 9480 9470
Case manager & patient educator: (02) 9480 9883
Emergency care: (02) 9480 9000
Physiotherapy: (02) 9480 9350