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San Cancer Services

Integrated Cancer Centre

A centre for excellence

The San Integrated Cancer Centre was purpose-built to provide ‘gold standard’ cancer diagnosis, treatment and management. Care is delivered through a world-recognised multidisciplinary care model, which places patient needs at the heart of every decision. Every aspect of a patient’s treatment and care is carefully tailored to their needs, and coordinated to be simple and seamless. We’ve designed the centre itself to be warm, caring and peaceful, with most facilities just a short walk away from reception.

What’s a part of the centre?

  • Consulting suites
  • Day infusion services
  • Radiology
  • Pathology
  • Northern Haematology & Oncology (NHOG)
  • ICON Radiation Oncology
  • San Clinical Trials Unit
  • Cancer genetics screening
  • Information and support services

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Our healing garden

The Integrated Cancer Centre also provides an uplifting and inspirational ‘healing garden’, offering both private reflection and open sharing spaces. The plants and herbs in the garden were specifically selected for their healing properties.

Support services

An extensive range of support services are provided for any community members affected by a cancer diagnosis. Our Cancer Support Centre offers a range of support groups, educational seminars, wellness programs and complementary therapies, while allied health services are available specifically for oncology patients. We have a very well respected palliative care service provided by experienced and caring staff in a peaceful and compassionate environment. Accommodation for patients and families is available at nearby Jacaranda Lodge.

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