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ANU & Adventist HealthCare

Together we’re advancing Whole Person Health

In December 2020 a Memorandum of Understanding between AHCL and ANU was signed to develop joint educational, research and clinical programs. By May 2021 the first cohort ANU medical students took up their rotations at the San. A formal Master Relationship Agreement was signed in November 2022, solidifying this dynamic & unique relationship. We’ve now had over 65 students through the program, 40 clinicians from AHCL take up honorary academic title with ANU, and countless research projects underway. To find out more about the research, teaching and clinical excellence that is occurring as a result of this collaboration click the link below.


Teaching and Research Opportunities

Honorary academic title holders are valued members of the School of Medicine and Psychology who bring their expertise to enhance education and research endeavours, and outreach to the community.

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ANU School of Medicine and Psychology, Sydney Clinical School

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