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About San Swaddle

Our San Swaddle Maternity package offering no-out of pocket costs, apart from your hospital excess, for eligible HCF members has unfortunately closed to new participants as of 31 January 2023. After this date, HCF members can still access the usual HCF benefits for obstetrics services, provided they have appropriate cover and all terms and conditions are met.

Patients who have booked in on or before 31 January 2023, and are an eligible HCF member, will continue to experience the Swaddle program throughout their pregnancy and delivery. This includes:

Obstetrician - all costs of standard antenatal appointments, pregnancy management fee, as well as the delivery of your baby - all with your chosen participating Swaddle obstetrician.

Hospital stay & services - all delivery theatre costs in our state-of-the-art birthing suites, as well as your postnatal stay on our maternity ward. During your hospital stay, you will have access to all the normal educational classes (i.e breastfeeding, baby care etc) and the experience of our exceptional San midwives.

Ultrasounds - a dating, early structural/nuchal scan, morphology and all necessary growth scans needed as part of the patient’s pregnancy journey at San Ultrasound for Women or Ultrasound Care Australia locations (excluding non-standard procedures and services not covered by Medicare). Please note your referral for each scan must be from a Swaddle participating Obstetrician in order to be included in this package.

Pathology Testing - all required pathology tests (excluding optional chromosomal abnormality tests) through San Pathology and Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology (DHM).

Anaesthetist and Assistant Surgeon - any required anaesthetic care as part of your vaginal or caesarean delivery, as well as the assistant surgeon (if required).

Paediatrician - any care your baby receives from a paediatrician during your maternity admission.

Special Care Nursery - if your baby requires admission to our special care nursery and for this to be covered, you will need to make sure you have added your baby to your private health fund cover within 2 months after the baby's date of birth.

The San and HCF are continuing to work together and are actively exploring alternative joint value member initiatives and programs.

Current Maternity patients can direct their enquiries to our Maternity Enquiries team on 9480 4154. For queries regarding your HCF cover and obstetric eligibility, please contact HCF.

Swaddle FAQs

Will there be any changes to the usual model of care for a private obstetrics patient at the San?

No, there are no changes to the obstetrician-led model of care. All appointments will be with your chosen participating obstetrician. The package includes both natural and caesarean births under the care of your participating obstetrician.

Why are there no out-of-pocket costs in the Swaddle package?

The San has worked with not-for-profit health insurer HCF, our remarkable doctors and San Ultrasound for Women (a partnership with Ultrasound Care Australia) to ensure there are no out-of-pocket costs for any eligible patient covered by HCF that delivers their baby at the San.

Are prenatal classes and physiotherapy included in the Swaddle package?

These are optional and not included in the package.  HCF may cover some costs associated with these services and patients can contact HCF on 13 13 34 for additional detail and inclusions.

Are Paediatrics and Special Care Nursery covered in this package?

Yes, a paediatric inpatient consultation is included after the birth of your baby. Please note any subsequent consultations will not be included in Swaddle.

In the event that your baby requires admission into the San's Special Care Nursery, in order for this to be covered you will need to ensure that you have added your baby to your HCF cover within 2 months after the baby's date of birth.  Note: Please contact HCF for more information on how to cover your baby with private health insurance (PHI).

Are there any exclusions or potential costs that may not be included?

You will need to pay your HCF private health insurance excess (if you have one).

Treatments for conditions that require additional specialist consultations are not covered by the Swaddle package, for example cardiovascular, endocrinology, metabolic and respiratory conditions. In such cases, usual Medicare rebates may apply for outpatient consultations and private health insurance rebates may apply for inpatient treatments, in accordance with your chosen level of cover. Out-of-pocket expenses may be payable.

Optional tests such as Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT), CVS, amniocentesis, paternity or any services not covered by Medicare will not be included in the package.

Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology will bulk bill the corresponding blood test to the Nuchal ultrasound (Pap-A with HCG) only if the Nuchal ultrasound is undertaken at Ultrasound Care in any of their locations.

In the event your pregnancy does not make it to full term and you require further intervention this will not be covered under Swaddle, but may be covered under your private health insurance.

How do I ensure I am bulk billed for Swaddle included outpatient services?

Please take the following steps for inclusion in the Swaddle program and to ensure that you are bulk billed throughout your experience:

  1. Provide your participating obstetrician with your details and HCF membership number when calling to make your initial appointment
  2. Book into the San via the online eAdmission portal (your participating obstetrician will provide details) after your initial consult and before any of your next appointments
  3. Ensure you have a referral from your participating obstetrician to present at any included pathology tests or ultrasound scans
  4. Take your Swaddle membership card (provided following your initial obstetrician consult and acceptance into the program), Medicare card and referral (pathology and ultrasound) to all your Swaddle appointments.