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Your room

Most of our patient rooms are private ensuite rooms. In some wards there are a limited number of two-bed shared rooms. Whilst every effort is made to accommodate you in a private room, it is subject to hospital occupancy at the time of your admission and your clinical care requirements.

You will have a bedside table, drawers and a storage cupboard in your room and you can place your belongings where they are convenient for you. Please do not leave valuables in your room.

Handsets by your bed allow you to control your TV and room lighting, call a nurse for assistance, and adjust your bed. Please ask your nurse if you need help. There is also a nurse call button in the bathroom should you need assistance.

You will have access to free Wi-Fi on your devices during your stay, and staff will provide you with login information when you are admitted.

Your TV receives all Sydney free-to-air stations, and a range of Foxtel cable TV channels, Christian channels, and radio stations. There is a socket for headphones in the TV handset if required.

The phone in your room can make and receive calls should you wish to use it. Local calls are FREE however you will be charged for STD and mobile calls. Please dial zero (0) to obtain an outside line, then the number required. You will need to dial 2 for our switchboard to make STD, mobile and international calls. Calls from family and friends will be put through to your room unless you have requested otherwise. There are some critical care areas of the hospital where mobile phone use may be restricted due to the possible interference with medical equipment. Please observe signage and staff advice if provided.


We recommend you clearly label your personal belongings so they can be easily located if they get misplaced. Please note that Sydney Adventist Hospital does not accept liability for lost or damaged personal items or valuables. As such, you are advised not to bring valuables and/or large sums of money with you. If you are unable to make your own arrangements, we can provide patients with a small ‘valuables’ envelope, which can be sealed and locked in the hospital safe. While all care is taken, no responsibility can be accepted.