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Fire Safety

Smoke and/or heat sensors are located in every room of the Residence.  As a result cooking in rooms other than the kitchen is forbidden.  The Fire Brigade are required to attend all alarms; as a result residents who flout requirements as outlined in the Resident Handbook may be liable for the Fire Brigade call out charges.

Under Fire Safety requirements heaters must be non-radiant. Heaters must also meet the requirements as set out in the Resident Handbook under Electrical Equipment in Rooms.

Smoking and Alcohol Policies

The Sydney Adventist Hospital estate is a smoke free zone. As the Residence is housed on the estate, smoking is not permitted in or around the Residence.

The Residence is also an alcohol free zone. Alcohol is not to be brought into the Residence nor consumed around the Residence.

All residents in the Residence are required to comply with the SAH Drug and Alcohol Policy.

Location and Parking

The Residence is located behind the hospital near the Child Care Centre. Access is via the boom gate entry beside the Fox Valley Medical Centre.

Resident parking is available on the hospital estate on a user pays basis. All parking is controlled by the hospital's Security Department under the SAH Parking Policy. For current parking cost options please contact the Security Department on (02) 9487 9988.

Reception Facilities and Hours

Check-in, check out and all accommodation related payments are processed at reception.

Residential and guest accommodation information is available at Residence Reception during our Reception Trading Hours, which are Monday - Friday 10:30am - 5:30pm. Phone (02) 9487 9333.

Internet Access

The Residence provides an Internet Hot Spot (a laptop with a remote modem is required) in the common lounge behind reception. Hours for this service can be purchased through reception. 

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