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Medical Records Requests

For all health information requests for ONGOING PATIENT CARE PURPOSES (eg from GPs, specialists, doctor’s rooms, other hospitals, outpatient departments etc.), email Please put ‘Health Information for Ongoing Care’ ONLY in the subject line of your email. In the body of the email, please provide the patient’s name, date of birth, details of health information required and your contact details or include an attachment. Emails with a patient name in the subject line may be deleted for privacy reasons.

For patients and other third parties (eg lawyers, police, insurance companies, etc.) wanting access to medical records for other and MEDICO-LEGAL PURPOSES, email Please put 'Access to Medical Records' in the subject line of your email. Prior to emailing, patients may wish to complete an application form for a copy of their medical record. Emails with a patient name in the subject line may be deleted for privacy reasons.

Account Enquiries

Should you wish to discuss your account please call our Customer Service operators on 02 9480 9900 Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 5.00pm. For more information on hospital accounts please see

Health Fund Enquiries

If your enquiry is related to contracting arrangements with your health fund, please email and provide the following detailed information:

  • Your / the patient's name
  • Your contact number
  • Name of your health fund
  • Whether your enquiry is related to an already booked admission or treatment, or a potential future treatment or admission
  • Details about these treatments (type of treatment, date, admitting doctor etc.)

Maternity & Swaddle Baby Bundle Enquiries

If you have any general enquiries about San Maternity, or you are already a patient enrolled in the Swaddle San Baby Bundle with HCF (now closed to new participants as of 31 January 2023) please contact San Maternity on 02 9480 4154.

Feedback (Compliments, Complaints & Suggestions)

Sydney Adventist Hospital is dedicated to providing you with the best possible standard of care. We value your feedback and would like to hear from you. Any information provided to us will be kept confidential.

For more information on providing feedback on Sydney Adventist Hospital both during your stay or following your discharge please see our Feedback page.