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San Orthopaedics



Welcome to our orthopaedic 
PERFORM program which includes:

Prehabilitation (mobility clinic)
Excellent surgery and care
Recovery enhancement
Fit to go
Optimal outcomes
Return home safely
Multidisciplinary support


On average only 3 out of every 10 patients require inpatient rehabilitation after a joint replacement. Many funds now offer rehab in the home with positive outcomes for their members. 
The majority of those who are living at home are able to return home from hospital.

Here at Sydney Adventist Hospital (the San) we want to ensure you PERFORM to the best of your ability after your hip or knee replacement surgery. This unique San service ensures we care for you from the time you are aware of the need for your surgery till the completion of your recovery. You start your journey with a prehabilitation education session where you will learn how to prepare for your upcoming surgery. This includes how to set up your home, individualised exercises, what to expect while you are in the hospital and on discharge home. With a world class orthopaedic team, our care is tailored to optimise your recovery. 


During your stay here at the San, our multidisciplinary team 
will support your safe return home and ensure you are “fit to go”