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24 Apr 2010

Support the APHA's "Valuing Private Hospitals" campaign

‘Valuing Private Hospitals – we do so much more’

Staff and patient support needed.

The Australian Private Hospital Association (APHA)’s national campaign “Valuing Private Hospitals", aims to increase awareness of the critical role that Private Hospitals play in the provision of healthcare services.


The launch coincides with Private Hospital Week Monday 26th to Friday 30th April.


The 'Valuing Private Hospitals' campaign and its tagline “We do so much more,” will feature nationwide media and advertising. Posters and leaflets and a variety of other informative and awareness raising marketing material designed for patients, carers, visitors, or staff are being distributed and displayed around the Hospital in public and staff areas.


Any staff and public queries should be directed to the campaign website at www.privatehospitals.org.au.


Staff and patients are asked to share their experiences and record how they feel about their private hospital.

  • Without private hospitals many Australians won’t get the care they need when they need it.
  • We provide 40% of all hospital treatment in Australia.
  • We conduct more than 60% of elective surgery.
  • We perform almost half of the cardiac surgery undertaken in Australia and the majority of hip and knee replacements and in-hospital chemotherapy, and more.


Your voice can really make a difference.

We play a vital role in promoting the value of private hospitals simply by providing the best hospital care to our patients. Now our voices can also make a difference.


Please help spread the word by sharing your story with family and friends about the San. Visit the campaign website www.privatehospitals.org.au and share your “I value private hospitals because…” statement.


If you have any questions about the campaign or how to get involved, contact Leisa O’Connor Corporate Communications on 9487 9416 or 0410541728.

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