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06 Dec 2016

80 years of Orthopaedics in Australia celebrated

The San is hosting an Australian Orthopaedic Association travelling exhibition celebrating 80 years of orthopaedics in Australia.

The exhibition includes information on youth sports injury prevention, the evolution of joint replacement, developments in the treatment of fractures and innovations in orthopaedic surgery including the use of 3D printing, use of robotics and customising implants during surgery. 

The travelling event is highlighting hundreds of orthopaedic procedures performed at more than 300 Australian hospitals every day.

The San does more than 5,000 orthopaedic procedures each year.

Children from the Wahroonga Adventist School were amongst the first to view the exhibition with San Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Lawrie Guitronich.

"Orthopaedic surgery has been a constantly evolving area of medicine" said Dr Giutronich.

"In my 30 years of surgery there have been major advances in imaging, prostheses, and surgical techniques and equipment. All this has meant we can provide reliable life-changing procedures."

The exhibition is free and can be viewed near the foyer at the 4th floor between Clark Tower and Clifford Tower. 


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