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09 Sept 2016

Exercise as a medicine for Cancer

Breast cancer survivors Jeannie Laing (Pennant Hills)(left) and Robyn Boniface (Killara)(right)  are celebrating good health and their fitness during a class with San Hospital physiotherapist Janet McCormack for World Physiotherapy Day on Thursday September 8th.

Jeannie and Robyn both credit Janet and her classes for helping restore them to good health, providing friendship and support and minimising the physical effects of the surgery or medications they needed to treat the disease which now impacts more than 1 in 8 Australian women.

"I don't know of any other place that offers these classes for women after breast cancer treatment" says Jeannie Laing from Pennant Hills who has been attending the classes for more than 8 years.

"I wish more people knew about these classes and shared them with the cancer patients who could really benefit.

These classes have controlled and prevented debilitating lympodema in my arms that occurs after the removal of lymph nodes.


The surgery saved me while these classes mean I've got a good quality of life.


I am fitter now than I have ever been. "


Robyn Boniface from Killara agrees.


" Coming to these classes has been essential to my physical and emotional recovery.


"I feel comfortable knowing that the exercises are designed for me knowing what cancer treatment I have had and what my body can do.


We leave our stresses at the door and it's a positive happy class.


It's a relief knowing people understand what we've been through and we are exercising in a safe way that will help us get healthier."


Janet says the joy of physiotherapy is knowing you help people progress to the next stage of their recovery.


"These classes are a passion for me" she says.


"Every day I talk to patients who can cope better because exercise improves their health while focusing on the positive and sharing experiences with women who know what they've been through reduces depression.


Exercise is really a medicine for cancer."


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