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10 Mar 2016

New Hearing & Balance Centre at the San 

A new Hearing and Balance Centre now open at the San provides one place of access for testing, diagnosis and treatment.

Hearing issues affect 70% of the 70 plus aged population.

Ear Nose and Throat surgeon Dr Payal Mukherjee has been a driving force to link services recognising that travelling to multiple places was a real issue for patients.

77 year old former engineer from Cheltenham Mr Ian Wood, suffered with debilitating Meniere’s disease - the same disease that Beethoven, Julius Caesar and Marilyn Munroe are thought to have suffered with.

He had a cochlear implant operation in January after first being diagnosed 10 years ago with the condition that causes vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss and in more recent times caused him to suffer with serious ‘drop attacks, nausea and vomiting.

Surgical, audiology, speech pathology, physiotherapy and counselling expertise is all on hand at the one centre making testing, diagnosis, sharing of information and treatment easier.

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