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25 Aug 2014

San Redevelopment Architect Wins Prestigious NAWIC Award

San Redevelopment Architect, MBMO’s Alex Wessling won the prestigious NAWIC Award for Innovation in Design.

Alex, as part of the SAN Alliance, was recognised for her significant contribution to the design of the project as team leader.

“I am very grateful to be awarded this prize as it endorses the whole team of the SAN Alliance” said Alex.

“We all worked together to create this contemporary yet warm healing environment, and succeeded through the synthesis of all our knowledge and passion.”

The 3-year $200million Redevelopment project includes provision for up to 200 new beds, 10 additional operating theatres, a new Maternity, Women’s Health and Children’s Unit, an Integrated Cancer Centre, and a new car park, entry and arrivals building.

“The San is an example how a world class health facility can also be world class architecture,” said MBMO Director, Sven Ollmann.

“This has been achieved by our design team led by Alex Wessling, that thinks outside the box to come up with the best and most efficient solutions, borrowing as appropriate from sectors other than health”

“This significant redevelopment and expansion sets a new benchmark for health care in Australia and is the perfect example of the benefits of collaboration and relationship building,” said MBMO Director, Cameron Martin.

“Our masterplan has given Sydney Adventist Hospital a facility that will meet the needs of its patients by fostering positive holistic connections between people and nature for at least the next 50 years. The National Association of Women In Construction (NAWIC) is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 1995 whose mission is to promote and improve the construction industry by the advancement of women within it.”

Visit www.sah.org.au/devt for more Redevelopment information.

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