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19 May 2014

Adventist HealthCare celebrates Private Hospitals Week
















May 19-25 Adventist HealthCare is celebrating Private Hospitals Week to help raise awareness of the role Australia’s private hospitals play in delivering quality and timely care for our local community.


Through Private Hospitals Week, private hospitals across the country are showcasing the diversity of the health services they provide to Australians.


The message to patients is “Choose what is best for you.”


Adventist HealthCare is proud of the choice it provides for the local community and the quality of care that its staff help provide.


During Private Hospitals Week patients, staff and the local community are encouraged to speak up and share why they value Australia’s private hospitals.


Private hospitals are vital to the Australian health care system as without them many Australians may not get access to the care they need when they need it.


Simple statistics tell the story:
• Private hospitals treat 40% of all patients in Australia each year.
• Private hospitals and day surgeries perform 2 out of every 3 elective surgeries.
• Private hospitals perform 48% of all heart surgeries in Australia.
• Private hospitals and day clinics provide more than 46% of chemotherapy.
• Private hospitals treat 70% of people admitted for rehabilitation each year.


More information re Private Hospitals Week is accessible at:








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