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22 Aug 2013

Patient Advice - Federal Election

The Federal Election will be held on Saturday 7th September 2013. The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has arranged the following to facilitate voting:


Mobile polling will be available for inpatients only and will be provided in their rooms by the AEC mobile polling team on the following days:
Dates:                                  Tuesday 27th August and
                                               Wednesday 28th August
                                          (AEC has scheduled these days to meet their deadlines)
Times:                                 Between 9.00am and 5.00pm.
Inpatients who are enrolled interstate or who cannot use the mobile
polling service can apply for a postal vote.
Postal vote application forms can be requested from the AEC by visiting www.aec.gov.au. Postal vote applications must be received by the AEC no later than Thursday 5th September 2013 at 6.00pm. A small number of postal votes are available from SAH Marketing, Communications and Business Development. Ring 9487 9871.


There is no general pre-poll voting for the community on site at SAH this year.
The Electoral Commission has advised pre-poll voting is available at:
Gordon Early Voting Centre
Gordon Centre
Level 2
802-808 Pacific Highway
Hornsby Early Voting Centre
141 Pacific Highway

In summary voting arrangements for inpatients are via either the mobile pre-poll teams, a postal vote, the pre-poll booths at Gordon or Hornsby or a polling booth on election day. General voting enquiries or concerns should be directed to the AEC at www.aec.gov.au or 9779 1014. Other queries can be directed to AHCL Marketing, Communications and Business Development on 9487 9871

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