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09 Jul 2013

10 steps to a healthy life

Tips for healthy living from Australasian Research Institute A/Prof Ross Grant.

  1. Eat well (Fats, fruits vegetables, grains; eat breakfast, eat regularly)
  2. Move more (exercise appropriate to age/physique)
  3. Drink enough (water for age/physique/occupation)
  4. Have fun in the sun (for Vitamin D and biorhythms)
  5. Breathe well (good tissue oxygenation with good sleep/breathing/posture)
  6. Rest and sleep
  7. Limit chemical toxins (alcohol, caffeine, illicit drugs etc)
  8. Be clean (general hygiene)
  9. Be happy (low stress/anxiety)
  10. Get health checks
For more information contact 94879602 or ross.grant@sah.org.au

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