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19 Nov 2012

Company name change to Adventist HealthCare Limited

On 16 November  the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) confirmed that the company name ‘Sydney Adventist Hospital Limited’ has been legally changed to Adventist HealthCare Limited.  This reflects the ongoing growth of healthcare businesses within the group including Sydney Adventist Hospital, Dalcross Adventist Hospital, the San Day Surgery Hornsby, San Diagnostics & Pharmacy.

Adventist HealthCare originated with the opening of ‘Sydney Sanitarium’ in 1903 - a place of health and healing where people learned to stay well. Sydney Adventist Hospital, fondly referred to as ‘The San’, is NSW’s largest single campus private hospital and remains the organisation’s Australian flagship institution as it grows its services to meet community needs.

Celebrating 110 years in 2013, Adventist HealthCare continues to care for patients needs as its first priority. This spirit of caring is reflected in its mission, “Christianity in Action – caring for the body, mind and spirit of our patients, colleagues, community and ourselves’. Adventist HealthCare cares  for individuals in a holistic manner, promoting healthy living, providing state-of-the-art acute healthcare, and touching people’s lives through compassionate and expert care.


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