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13 Nov 2012

Successful Outcomes for the San's Clinical Trials Unit

Nina Singh and Sally Woodhead from the San’s Clinical Trails Unit are presenting two research posters at the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia conference in Brisbane next month.

Over 1200 attendees are expected at the conference - The premier oncology society meeting for Australia.
Amgen Australia (an independent biotechnology firm), Nina and Sally co-authored the posters abstracts.
The posters detail ‘quality of life’ improvements in cancer patients after participating in clinical trials with the drug Denosumab, conducted at the San on behalf of Amgen Australia.
As a result of the trials success, Denosumab is now administered globally giving cancer patients a less time-consuming, less invasive method of receiving bone strengthening medication.
Principle Investigator Associate Professor Gavin Marx, compared Denosumab with the current standard treatment Zoledronic Acid in three separate trails for prostate cancer, advanced breast cancer and other advanced cancers.
In the first of the two abstracts co-authored by San staff, Denosumab is found to have significantly fewer ‘acute phase reactions’ (flu like symptoms) in patients with advanced solid tumours or Multiple Myeloma and bone metastases/lesions.
Fewer reactions may result in a better patient experience and improved compliance with treatment. 
The second abstract again compares the results of the two drugs in three randomised, double-blind trials, evaluating pain and analgesic use in patients with solid tumours and bone metastases utilising.  
The findings indicate that bone-targeted agents play an important role in pain control in these patients, with Denosumab preventing pain worsening more effectively.
Denosumab, a self-administer injection is preferable for patients as Zoledronic Acid requires patients to to spend two hours in the Day Infusion Centre monthly and an intravenous infusion.


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