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25 Sept 2012

Research volunteers needed at Dalcross Adventist Hospital


Dalcross Adventist Hospital is looking for healthy individuals aged between 20 and 79 to help us better understand the human spine. Participants of this ethics approved study will be required to have a single, weight-bearing, low-dose* x-ray using the state-of-the-art EOS imaging equipment at Dalcross Adventist Hospital. You will be provided with a digital copy of your imaging.

To be eligible to participate you must not have had any major neck, back, hip, knee, ankle or foot surgery in the past, and you must not have had any significant degree of back, hip or leg pain in the last 6 months. You must not have had to take any time off work due to back pain and you must also be able to stand upright without requiring support. If you are pregnant or trying to conceive you will not be able to take part in this study as radiation can harm an unborn baby.
If you wish to participate in this study, or for more information please email: spinebalance@gmail.com.

Click here for the Participant Information Booklet

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