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26 Jul 2012

EC supports paediatric hospital in Africa

Emergency Care staff fundraised $3005 for a rural paediatric hospital in Bo, The Republic of Sierra Leone. 


Ajaratu Thomas RN at the San and Bo Hospital Board member officially opened stage 1 of the first rural paediatric hospital in Sierra Leone, in June.


Bo Hospital is the second paediatric hospital in Sierra Leone and will help those who live in rural areas without access the main hospital in the coastal capital city, Freetown.


Over 60% of the population lives in rural areas and 45% percent are children under the age of 15.


“I got involved with the hospital because I am from Sierra Leone, I also have a medical background and a personal interest in assisting humanity” said Ajaratu.


Stage 1 of the hospital includes 11 overnight beds, an outpatient department, a pharmacy and laboratory rooms.


Emergency Care and HealthCare Outreach also donated medical supplies such as cannulas and feeding tubes to Bo Hospital.


"There were no feeding tubes available in the area when I was there so the 50 donated from the San was ‘the miracle box’. A simple thing can save a life,” said Ajaratu.


Child mortality is most commonly caused by dehydration resulting from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhoea and respiratory diseases.
The hospital is non-for profit and designed to help the vulnerable.


“There was a lady who walked 5 miles with her 2 children. Her 4-year-old had never worn shoes and her 7-year-old suffered malnutrition.


The mother didn’t have any money to pay the medical costs so she helped out with cleaning and other non-medical tasks in the hospital” said Ajaratu.


Ajaratu will continue to be actively involved in management of the Bo Hospital as well as fundraising and networking to help the community of Bo sustain and expand the new healthcare facilities.

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