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13 Jul 2012

SAH Dr needs signatures to support adults and children in palliative care throughout NSW



















Dr Yvonne McMaster, Cancer Support Group Facilitator at the San’s Jacaranda Lodge and retired Palliative Care Specialist is appealing to the State Government for an increase in funding for palliative care patients in rural and metropolitan NSW.


Showing the power of petition, last year Dr McMaster successfully collected more than 23,000 signatures and restored $1 million in funding for palliative care services at Neringah Hospital in Wahroonga.

After the success of her campaign, Dr McMaster was asked to advise the Government’s Taskforce on palliative care needs in NSW.

Dr McMaster believes a $50 million boost is necessary to support the needs of adults and children in palliative care and train palliative care workers in NSW.

In June 2012 the NSW State Budget gave palliative care an extra $5 million.

“That is less than a tenth of what I believe is needed” said Dr McMaster in her appeal.

“I understand why they did this. With great financial stringencies they couldn’t justify such a big expenditure when Treasury isn’t convinced it is necessary” she said.

Sign the petition and invite your contacts to support Dr McMaster improve palliative care services for adults children and palliative workers in NSW.

Click here to download the petition.

Click here to see Dr Yvonne McMaster’s appeal letter.

Click here to see the media release from last year’s successful campaign.

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