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29 Jun 2011

Milestone Development for SAH

North Shore Times story, Friday 1st July 2011


Record Article, Sat 16th July 2011 (Font Page)

Record Article, Sat 16th July 2011 (Page 2)


Dr Jason Sharp, Assoc Prof Gavin Marx, CEO Dr Leon Clark and COO Phil CurrieThe start of Sydney Adventist Hospital’s $181 million Stage 1 Redevelopment was celebrated with an official groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday 23rd June 2011.  Click to see image gallery from ceremony.


Local Mayors, hospital supporters and other well wishers joined current and former medical, nursing and administrative staff and project team members at the Blessing of the works and official groundbreaking conducted by administrative, medical, staff and patient representatives.


Sydney Adventist Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Dr Leon Clark spoke at the ceremony.


"Today is the start of a milestone journey in the history of the San which is already full of significant moments.


While our Mission has consistently been to apply Christian and holistic principles to demonstrate Christ’s message of hope, health and healing, the San has come a long way from the 61 bed Sanitarium started in 1903 as a place where people learned to stay well. We have grown and evolved to meet the needs of our community.


(In 2011) The San is the largest single campus private hospital in NSW with over 2,400 staff, 500 volunteers and 700 specialist doctors. We treat more than 50,000 inpatients and 175,000 outpatients each year; and we expect a 60% increase in demand for our services between now and 2026. This is why we must grow and provide new, expanded and refurbished facilities and services.


It is a privilege to have the opportunity to be involved in a Development that will honor the altruism, the skills, and the vision of so many people who have in the past, or still work at, and support the San…and in a Development that will enable healthcare professionals to continue to provide high quality care to the people in our local community. We look forward to celebrating the completion of the Development during our 110th anniversary year in 2013.”


In devising the ceremony it was decided to reflect the elements of the San’s Mission statement of “Caring for our patients, colleagues, community and ourselves.” Dr Clark was joined by the head of the Medical Advisory Committee Dr Jason Sharp, Medical Oncologist and Director of the San Clinical Trials Unit Associate Professor Dr Gavin Marx, hospital Mission Ambassador and enrolled nurse Zuali Barrett, and patient and volunteer Mrs Jill Arnott to undertake the ground breaking. Specially inscribed shovels were used which will be retained as mementos of the occasion.


The Stage 1 Redevelopment is expected to be complete by late 2013 / early 2014 with the 25,000sq m expansion including:

  • An expansion of the Clinical Services Building and refurbishment of existing areas providing an additional 8 operating theatres and 180 new patient beds
  • A new Entry and Arrivals Building
  • A purpose built new Integrated Cancer Centre providing one central entry point for cancer patients to screening, diagnostic, treatment, counselling and other multidisciplinary medical and allied health services
  • A multi-deck car park and other car parking spaces increasing car parking by approximately 700 spaces to a total of 2000 on site.

This development will:

  • Increase inpatient bed numbers by 180 to a total of 534 beds and cater for an increase of 35,000 admissions a year
  • Increase the number of operating theatres from 14 to 22
  • Provide 10 new VIP inpatient rooms
  • Provide additional medical consulting space
  • Meet patient expectations and keep pace with other hospitals
  • Maintain our reputation for providing state of the art technology, facilities and quality care 
  • Meet our Mission and deliver on our core values of “Excellence, Dignity, Integrity, Continuity” 
  • Maintain our financial viability and enable the Hospital to remain strong and sustainable.

The Stage 1 Redevelopment construction commences in July 2011 and will be delivered in 3 steps:

  • Step 1 includes the construction of a temporary car park and various additional permanent car parks on site with construction commencing in July 2011 and finishing in October 2011.
  • Step 2 encompasses construction of the multi-deck car park, road infrastructure and the new Entry Building. This work is expected to start in October 2011 and finish by December 2012.
  • Step 3 includes construction of the New Clinical Services Building including the Integrated Cancer Centre with building expected to start in February 2012 and finish in late 2013 / early 2014. 

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