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01 Oct 2010

SAH  celebrates the purchase of Dalcross Adventist Hospital

The purchase and renaming of Dalcross Private Hospital to Dalcross Adventist Hospital was celebrated on July 1 with a small ceremony including medical and nursing staff from both facilities. 


Dalcross Adventist Hospital is a 51 bed facility located in the beautiful, leafy Upper North Shore suburb of Killara, and is a leading private hospital in the provision of spinal, neurosurgical, vascular, ophthalmic and general services.


Dalcross and Sydney Adventist Hospital share similar profiles. Both have excellent reputations for quality care, dedicated and committed staff, and long histories (SAH founded in 1903 and Dalcross founded in 1912). With this change in ownership, Dalcross maintains the expertise and cutting edge specialties that make it a premier private hospital, while being enhanced with the Christian mission and unique care that Sydney Adventist Hospital is renowned for. 


This expansion will help Sydney Adventist Hospital meet the increasing healthcare needs of the local community – with an estimated 70% forecasted increase in demand for SAH hospital services expected between now and 2026.


Sydney Adventist Hospital has over 500 beds (including 352 licensed overnight beds), and offers a comprehensive range of acute medical, surgical, diagnostic & support services including NSW’s largest & busiest private emergency care unit.


For more information on Dalcross Adventist Hospital please visit www.dah.org.au.

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