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Costs & Booking a Cardiac CT

Since July 2011, CT Coronary Angiography has attracted a Medicare-rebate provided one of the following indications apply and your referral is from a medical specialist (e.g. Cardiologist):

  1. Stable symptoms consistent with coronary ischaemia, is at low to intermediate risk of coronary artery disease and would have been considered for coronary angiography; or
  2. Requires exclusion of coronary artery anomaly or fistula; or
  3. Undergoing non-coronary cardiac surgery

Examinations that are covered by Medicare will also be covered by your Private Health Fund (if you are an inpatient in a hospital at the time of your examination), though a gap payment may also apply.

If you are a holder of a Veterans Affairs card, you may be eligible for reimbursement for non-Medicare eligible Cardiac CT examinations, however approval must be arranged with your doctor prior your examination.

Further Information

Please contact San Radiology on (02) 9487 9850 if you have any questions or queries. Alternatively you can email us at radiologycustomerliaison@sah.org.au.

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