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SanView is Sydney Adventist Hospital's remote computer access portal for doctors. It provides accredited doctors with secure remote computer access to their patients’ electronic medical records, and to other SAH clinical applications, such as cardiac and perinatal monitoring. Doctors can access the San’s network from their home or office, or via any of their mobile devices. Doctors can also use SanView on their own devices while in the hospital, connecting to the internet via the SAH wi-fi.

Remote access is available to virtually all SAH electronic clinical information, including:

  • Patients’ entire electronic medical records, including past visits
  • All San Pathology results
  • All San Radiology results and images
  • Doctor-specific inpatient lists
  • Doctor-specific case statistics
  • Doctor and other staff contact details
  • SAH theatre lists
  • The SAH Intranet, including MIMS online and Therapeutic Guidelines
  • Medical rosters

The benefits of SanView include:

  • 24/7 electronic access to patient clinical information from any location
  • Convenience for on-call doctors – patient information, results and imaging can be reviewed off-site, in advance of attending the hospital
  • Access to patients’ past SAH history, including outpatient test results and imaging
  • Facilitation of a collaborative approach to patient care when doctors can’t be on-site at the same time – doctors can discuss patient care anywhere and anytime, with the patient’s record at their fingertips
  • Support for Integrated Care – all team members can easily access the same patient information from their preferred device and location

SanView is offered to all SAH Accredited Medical Officers. For details about how to connect your device(s) to the SAH network, please contact Information Services on 02 9487 9777.

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