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Since first opening in 1903, Sydney Adventist Hospital has been committed to carrying out its mission of Christianity in Action, caring for the body, mind and spirit of our community.

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Below is our library of rehabilitation and general health related articles and interviews that have featured a range of our specialists and staff. Many of our surgeons that operate in areas requiring rehabilitation have also provided interviews on topics that may be of interest. In addition, we have included interviews of a general health nature with nutritionists, dietitians and physiotherapists.

The video on the right here is one we produced to provide patient orientation for those having joint replacement surgery.

Please feel free to peruse our library and to read, watch, listen and enjoy.

Jun 13, 2017

San Orthopaedic Surgeon Associate Professor Nigel Hope talks to 2UE about ski season injuries

Assoc. Prof Nigel Hope talks to 2UE Talking Lifestyle More
Jun 06, 2017

San Orthopaedic Surgeon and team celebrate milestone at the San.

Doctor Lawrence Giutronich and his team celebrate completing 1,000 Unicompartmental knee surgery procedures. More
Apr 18, 2017

San Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr David Duckworth talks about Rotator Cuff injury

Doctor David Duckworth talks to 2GB More
Apr 18, 2017

San Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Lawrie Giutronich talks about knee injuries and replacements

Doctor Lawrie Giutronich on 2GB More
Apr 04, 2017

San Physiotherapist Kim Toyer talks to 2UE Talking Lifestyle on April Falls Day

Kim Toyer on 2UE Talking Lifestyle More
Jan 01, 2017

80 years of Orthopaedics in Australia celebrated

The San is hosting an Australian Orthopaedic Association travelling exhibition celebrating 80 years of orthopaedics in Australia. More
Dec 06, 2016

San Nutritionist Cassie Fuggle on 2UE Talking Lifestyle 

San dietician and nutritionist Cassie Fuggle chats to 2UE Talking Lifestyle about how to save your waistline from Christmas. More
Nov 08, 2016

San Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Stuart Kirkham on 2UE

Dr Stuart Kirkham talks about Carpel Tunnel Syndrome with 2UE’s Ed Phillips and takes talk-back callers More
Oct 25, 2016

San Physiotherapist Janet Cormack on 2UE Talking Lifestyle

Physiotherapist Janet Cormack talks to 2UE Talking Lifestyle about how to prepare for a Running Event More
Oct 12, 2016

San Doctor Stuart Kirkham on 2GB

San Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon Stuart Kirkham talks to 2GB about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and its treatment options. More
Sept 05, 2016

San physiotherapist Janet McCormack's interview with 2GB

San physiotherapist Janet McCormack talks to 2GB’s Steve Price about exercise as a form of medicine and classes for women after breast cancer. More
Jul 23, 2016

San Neurosurgeon Professor Brian Owler talks to 2UE

Professor Brian Owler was interviewed by 2UE about back pain and sciatica More
Jan 11, 2016

The San's MAKO surgeon-assisted robot on Channel 9 News 

The San’s new MAKO surgeon-assisted Robot - NSW's first - used currently for partial knee replacements was featured on Channel 9 News on Wednesday 9th December. More
Nov 10, 2015

Dr Stuart Riley on 2GB 

Click here to listen to San Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Stuart Riley interview with Steve Price on 2GB. More
Nov 04, 2015

Dr Stuart Kirkham on 2UE

Click here to listen to Dr Stuart Kirkham talk to 2UE about tennis elbow and other issues relating to the elbow. More
Nov 04, 2015

Dr Stuart Kirkham talks to 2GB

Click here to listen to the San's orthopaedic surgeon Dr Stuart Kirkham talk to 2GB about tennis elbow and the treatments available. More
Sept 26, 2015

Dr David Duckworth on 2UE

Click here to listen to Dr David Duckworth talk to 2UE about shoulder conditions. More
Jul 21, 2015

Dr Yanni Sergides on Channel 9 News

Click here to listen to Dr Yanni Sergides talk about lower back pain and posture on Channel 9 News. More
Jul 11, 2015

A/Prof Munjed Al Muderis on 2UE

Click here to listen to A/Prof Munjed Al Muderis talk about hip replacement surgery at Sydney Adventist Hospital. More
May 12, 2015

Dr Alan Lam on 2UE 

Click here to listen to Dr Alan Lam on 2UE. More
Mar 19, 2015
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