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Quality and Safety Measures

Sydney Adventist Hospital’s mission of “Christianity in Action” focuses on providing all our patients with best practice health care in a caring, supportive and safe environment.

To achieve this a number of key departments work together as a team under the Director of Risk Management. They are:

  • Quality Management
  • Quality Clinical Review
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Risk Management
  • Clinical Claims

Quality Management Department

The Quality Management Department oversees a comprehensive program to monitor assess and improve the quality of patient care across the organisation. The department also provides support to executive and directors to ensure the high quality standards are being achieved. This department supports and encourages organisation wide process improvement from all departments through an internal quality awards program.  The department encourages consumer feedback through patient satisfaction surveys and patient feedback. This information is vital to our quality improvement program.

Quality Clinical Review

The Quality Clinical Review department undertakes clinical reviews of medical records against standard criteria as part of a peer review program.  Data generated by this review helps guide clinicians and hospital administrators to areas needing improvement.

Infection Prevention and Control

“All health care organisations and healthcare workers have a common law duty of care to take all reasonable steps to safeguard patients, staff and the general public from infection.” (NSW Health Infection Control Policy PD2007_036).

The Sydney Adventist Hospital Infection Prevention and Control Department oversee a comprehensive program aimed at preventing and limiting the spread of infection.  The program uses evidence based research to guide clinical practice and consists of education for staff, volunteers, patients and their family members, auditing of staff practices to ensure compliance with infection prevention measures and surveillance, monitoring and investigation of healthcare associated infections.

The Infection Prevention & Control team are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment at Sydney Adventist Hospital. Click here for patient and visitor fact sheets.

Risk Management

Sydney Adventist Hospital uses an integrated approach to identify, assess, analyse, evaluate, treat, measure, monitor, and control the complex array of risks involved in the provision of health care. An integrated systems approach is used, as risks are often multifactorial and cross the boundaries of corporate and clinical risk. The Risk Management Department, therefore reaches every aspect of the organisation and its role is both advisory and supportive. It takes a proactive approach, placing the emphasis on prevention, in order to assist all departments in providing the safest possible environment for patients, visitors and staff.

Sydney Adventist Hospital Partnership with the Cognitive Institute’s Safety & Reliability Improvement Programme

Adventist HealthCare’s former CEO Dr Leon Clark was instrumental in establishing a very exciting partnership for Sydney Adventist Hospital by being selected to join seven Asia Pacific organisations as the Cognitive Institute's Safety and Reliability Improvement Programme (SRIP) partners in 2015. 

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